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Carbon Monoxide Detectors Become Oregon Law March 17, 2011

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On April 1, 2011 House Bill 3450 will go into effect for residential real estate sales. The bill says that carbon monoxide detectors have to be in homes that are sold, just like smoke detectors have been for the last several years. Carbon Monoxide is “an invisible, odorless, colorless gas created when fuels, such as gasoline, wood, charcoal, coal, natural gas, propane, oil, kerosene and methane burn incompletely.” It is extremely dangerous, and can be deadly, especially for “are dangerous and may be deadly. Especially at risk are: unborn babies, infants, older adults, people who smoke, people with chronic heart disease, anemia or respiratory problems.

So what does the law specify?

APRIL 1, 2011 – Landlords must provide properly functioning carbon monoxide alarms for all rental dwelling units with, or within a structure containing a carbon monoxide source.

APRIL 1, 2011 – Home sellers of one-and two family dwellings, manufactured dwellings, or multifamily housing units containing a carbon monoxide source must have one or more properly functioning carbon monoxide alarms before conveying fee title or transferring possession of a dwelling.
APRIL 1, 2011 – Carbon monoxide alarms are required in new construction or a structure that undergoes reconstruction, alteration or repair for which a building permit is required, and is identified in the structural specialty code as a residential Group R structure.(for new construction and reconstruction go to Oregon Buildings Codes.

For more info at the Oregon State Police Office of State Fire Marshall


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