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Did You Make These Home Buying Mistakes? March 9, 2011

Filed under: buying,first time buyer,home buyers,home buying,portland — bethsilva @ 1:34 pm

All of these things need to be recognized before you start your home search, and either resolved, or acknowledged as things you need to avoid!

1) Trying to time the market bottom- We can only see it in hindsight, it was the same with the peak of the market.

2) Not researching loan options- There are many options other than just go to you bank, get a loan.

3) Buying a house you can’t afford- Yes, your income will probably grow, yes you probably could refinance in a few years, but don’t buy more than you can afford based on these things happening.

4) Not knowing your credit score- Know what you can afford, and what your financing options are, they will be based on your FICO score.

5) Falling in love too quickly- There are good and bad things about every property, don’t get swept away by the story your agent is telling you, be aware of the things that you don’t like so you don’t end up with buyers remorse.


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