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Addicts Target Open Houses January 31, 2011

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People with out drug addictions would never think of going to open houses, rifling through cabinets and drawers, and stealing prescription drugs, but for addicts open houses can seem like an easy way to get their fix. Since the identity theft crisis has been going on most home owners know not to leave out credit card bills if their home is on the market, but the old pain killers from dental work never cross their mind. Addicts posing as home buyers at open houses, and even calling the listing agents and setting up appointments to see homes, have been using this ploy for a few decades now. Here’s a horror story:

“A guy showed up at an open house and — while the real estate agent was with other customers — ducked into another room and rifled through a drawer that held the homeowner’s medicine.  The agent heard rustling, followed the noise, and caught a glimpse of what was happening. That’s when the man said he wasn’t interested in seeing the rest of the house.  As he left, the agent wrote down his license plate number and called police.  When officers questioned the man later that day, he confessed that he’d gone to the house looking for pain pills.  And he told officials where he’d learned the trick — from somebody in his drug-treatment program.”

How do you protect yourself? Lock up controlled substances (pain medications, anti-anxiety drugs and medicine for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), bills, even prescription information that could be used to call in a refill.



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